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Livguard IT 1242STT 120Ah (24M+18M)

Livguard IT 1242STT 120Ah (24M+18M)

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Livguard IT 1242STT 120Ah (24M+18M)

Tubular batteries essentially offer higher back-up time over the conventional flat plate batteries,This reduces electricity consumption,What?s more, their unique design makes them extremely strong, so they withstand longer power cuts,Tez Tubular Batteries employ pioneering R&D and cutting-edge process controls, in line with global standards.

CategoryInverter Battery
Master CategoryEnergy
Model NumberIT 1242STT
nameLivguard IT 1242STT 120Ah (24M+18M)
Product CategoryBattery
Sub CategoryInverter Battery
Weight (kg)42

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